About us

ZSSV Šebetov

ZSSV, s.r.o. is manufacturing engineering company. We have a wide range of qualified staff that can ensure the highest possible quality of our production process. Our production facilities are not contaminated by carbon material because we work exclusively with stainless steel and aluminium weldments.

Our main focuses:
- technical solutions and drawings
- production of stainless steel weldments
- production of aluminium weldments

We specialize in the production of components for energy, food industry, medical equipment and waste water treatment plants.

Most of our products are exported abroad, specifically to Canada, England, Germany, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.


Case study - turbine filter unit

A plant for extraction of salt from sea water / scope of delivery:

  • 1

    Measurement on site

  • 2

    Design proposal

  • 3

    Technical design and drawings

  • 4

    Complete production - material AiSi 316

  • 5

    Packaging & shipping

  • 6

    Assembly on site